How to Make a Lotion Out of Guava

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Guava is a tropical plant commonly cultivated for its sweet, edible fruits. The guava fruit is high in moisture and skin-fortifying vitamins A and C. When guava lotion is applied to the skin, the nutrients soak through its surface and soften it over time. Unfortunately, guava lotions are commonly expensive in areas where the fruit does not grow native. You can purchase fresh guava from your local grocer and make guava lotion for a fraction of the cost.

Place two peeled guava fruits into a blender and puree on high for two minutes. The final product should not have any chunks of fruit remaining.

Place 1/2 cup of grated beeswax into a medium glass bowl and microwave on high for 10 second increments. Check the beeswax every 10 seconds and remove when it is liquefied.

Stir 1/2 cup of olive oil into the melted beeswax with a spoon until you form a smooth consistency.

Pour the blended guava liquid into the olive oil and beeswax mixture. Stir until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and you create an even color and consistency.

Microwave the mixture for 30 seconds to liquefy the ingredients. This makes pouring the mixture from the bowl into the container easier.

Pour the heated lotion into a plastic container and seal with a tight-fitting lid.

Store the lotion in a refrigerator for up to two months. The lotion does not have preservatives and will spoil if left at room temperature. Discard of unused lotion after two months' time.