How to Make a Hollister Shirt Smaller

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Hollister is a premium clothing outlet known for their fitted, high-quality casual wear for both men and women. Buying clothes from them is an investment in style, and it comes as no surprise that you would want to preserve that fitted look. If you've lost weight recently and need to size your Hollister shirt down by a size or so, there's a quick way to do it by applying heat, without causing any permanent damage to the fabric.

Fill up a medium-sized cooking pot with about two quarts of water, and bring it to a boil on your stove top. You may need a bit more water, depending on the size of your shirt. Use just enough water to completely submerge the shirt.

Drop the shirt into the pot once the water is boiling. Use salad tongs or some other kitchen utensil to push the garment completely under. Be careful not to touch the water, and be aware that steam can also cause burns.

Turn off the heat to the pot after the shirt is fully submerged. The water will continue to boil for several minutes, but it will quickly begin to cool off. This heat soak is what will cause the fabric threads to permanently draw, especially if the shirt is made completely from cotton.

Allow the water to cool until it is merely warm to the touch before removing the shirt. Depending on the volume of water used, this could take at least 10 minutes. As a rule of thumb, wait at least five minutes after steam has stopped rising from the surface of the water. Use the tongs again if you are feeling extra cautious.

Run the shirt through a washing machine cycle at the highest heat setting. Afterward, put the shirt on a hanger and allow it to dry in the air. The heat soak from earlier will have already caused some shrinkage, but the hot wash cycle will cause the shirt to draw up by another half size or so.