How to Make a Ham Glaze That Will Crust


0:04 hi I'm Monte Matthews from Monte's ham

0:07 and I'd like to teach you how to make a

0:09 glaze that will crust now quite honestly

0:11 my own glazed crust beautifully but if

0:15 you want to try something different I'm

0:17 going to show you a slight variation on

0:20 it and maybe what would be best would be

0:22 to buy the glaze and serve it alongside

0:25 the ham and use what I am giving you the

0:28 glaze that will crust on top of the ham

0:30 so that you have both flavors going for

0:33 you the most important thing for

0:35 cresting ham is brown sugar this is a

0:38 cup of brown sugar

0:39 brown sugar is essential for getting a

0:41 crust on him then you can choose any

0:44 flavor jam you like and be inventive I

0:47 am using peach today so we're going to

0:50 put 8 ounces that's one cup of peach jam

0:53 is going into the brown sugar now just

0:57 make sure that you get every little drop

0:59 out of the out of the jar

1:01 next I'm going to add some mustard this

1:04 is Dijon mustard I just think it gives

1:06 phenomenal flavor to ham I think it's a

1:09 perfect thing to and it also helps the

1:12 ham glaze so we mix this up it's a very

1:16 liquid texture now I'm going to show you

1:19 something I'm going to show you a trick

1:20 and that trick is to add cornstarch and

1:24 that this cornstarch which is a

1:27 thickening agent this is one tablespoon

1:29 of cornstarch will help this ham glaze

1:34 stick to the ham and thicken the glaze

1:38 and there you have it a glaze that will

1:41 stick to any ham and give you a

1:44 beautiful beautiful flavorful crust

1:47 I'm Monte Matthews and this is a ham

1:49 glaze that will crust so is this by the

1:52 way this is my all-natural ham glaze

1:54 that comes with every beautiful ham that

1:56 I send out so if you want to you can

1:59 make this glaze and use my ham glaze as

2:03 a side to pass with your beautiful ham

2:13 you