How to Make a Grand Opening Church Flyer

The opening of a new church is always a time for celebration. Spread the word to all members of the community by distributing flyers announcing the good news. This small budget item will pay off in big ways for your church, your community and potential new members. Follow these simple steps for best results.

Open a new Word document. Create your church flyer by choosing a font and typing in the date, day, time and location of the grand opening. Remember to keep your font legible. If you want to include a picture of your church be sure to leave space at the bottom of the page for it.

The pastor should add a few words of encouragement or scripture as well. Also include a brief history of the church or a short story on how it came to be. To entice people to come to the grand opening of the church, plan to serve light refreshments or hold a meet-and-greet session after the opening service. Note that on the flyer. People often choose which church they will attend by how much they like both the preaching and the congregation.

Add your picture. Go to the "Insert" menu and choose the photo or picture from the "My Pictures" file. Move the picture by clicking and dragging it with the mouse until it is in the right location on the page.

Save the file, and then choose print one copy in color.

Call several local copy centers for price quotes on 500 copies. Ask about both white and colored paper and black and white and color copies. Decide which one will best fit your church budget. Colored paper is more likely to catch someone's eye. If you can afford it, this will be your best option.

Most churches already have established congregations who have been meeting in schools or homes before raising the funds for a church of their own. Start by passing out the flyers to them. You also can leave the flyers with shops and restaurants in the area around your church. Inform them of the grand opening. Many businesses will be happy to post community notices, but be sure to ask first before posting your flyer.