How to Make a Fake Tattoo Last Longer


Fake tattoos, or temporary body stickers, are applied as ink transfers with the help of water. They are inexpensive ways for people to express their personality with the appearance of real tattoos, but without their permanence. Fake tattoos are available in a wide range of designs for every taste. They were originally created as fun children's accessories, but adults also wear them as fashion statements. Most types of temporary tattoos usually last only a few days under normal conditions. Higher-quality fake tattoos last only a few weeks, but you can take steps to extend their lives.

Decide where you want to place the tattoo. It will last longest in an area where clothing and other parts of your body will not rub against it (e.g., in the crook of a joint).

Scrub the area where you will apply your fake tattoo. Use a bath puff or loofah sponge to exfoliate any dead skin from the area, and then scrub the area clean with soap and water.

Dry the area thoroughly.

Apply the tattoo according to its manufacturer's directions.

Dry the tattoo and the surround area by gently pressing a soft towel against it. Do not rub the area, as rubbing against the tattoo may damage it.

Using the makeup brush, dust the tattoo with some baby powder. This will help keep the area dry of any natural oils that could shorten the tattoo's lifespan.

Avoid cleaning the area vigorously, as any amount of scrubbing will damage the tattoo, and too much exposure to soap and water will lessen its lifespan.