How to Give Yourself a Fake Tattoo

Ryan McVay/Lifesize/Getty Images

Tattoos are exciting pieces of art that allow someone to display information about himself on his body. If you want the look of a tattoo without the permanence of one, you can put a fake tattoo on your body and it will look almost as real as a normal tattoo. This allows you to see how you like the tattoo, if it is something you want for a long time and how you really feel about sporting ink. Fake tattoos are also a way for underage minors to experiment with body art without having any lasting effects.

Clean the skin where you want to place the fake tattoo. Wash it with soap and water and pat it dry with a towel. This removes any dirt or grime that could get under the tattoo.

Place a clean wash cloth in clean running water from the sink and then wring the wash cloth dry. Set the wash cloth aside.

Place the fake tattoo on the location that you want it to appear. Arrange the fake tattoo so that the paper or plastic side is facing up towards you and the ink side is facing your skin.

Hold the paper down and rub over the fake tattoo with your damp face cloth. The tattoo will come off the paper and transfer onto your skin. Allow the paper to stay in place for around a minute before you lift it up. This prevents your fake tattoo from wrinkling or breaking on your skin.

Allow five to ten minutes for the tattoo to set on your skin. This helps to prevent it from rubbing off too quickly.