How to Make a Do-rag

Prevent your hair from blowing in the wind by designing a do-rag for every occasion. Choose a patriotic, camouflage or a variety of colors and fabrics. Bikers love to wear these under their helmets. The do-rag looks great on women, too. This is a quick solution to a bad hair day.

Prepare a pattern on paper before cutting the actual fabric. The long edge of the paper will represent the fold of the fabric. Mark across from the fold, a line measuring 5 inches. This will be the top edge of the hat. Draw a mark at 7 inches from the top of the pattern, then another mark at 14 inches. These marks will be where the widths will increase.

Begin to curve downward at the first mark, to a width of 3 inches. At the 14-inch mark, the width will be 5 inches. This forms the hat of the do-rag. Start tapering downward until you reach the bottom tip of the tail. Your entire pattern piece should be 24 inches long. Draw a circle 7 inches in diameter on the paper. Measure and draw a rectangle that is 6 inches wide and 44 inches long for another pattern piece. Cut all pieces out and prepare to cut the fabric.

Pin the hat/body section of the pattern piece on the fold of the fabric. Arrange and pin the circle and rectangle on a single layer of fabric. Cut each piece for a total of three individual pieces.

Cut the circle in half, and pin the curved section to the curved hat section. Sew the curved section together, repeating on both sides. Clip all curves in the seam to allow a smooth appearance. This forms the hat section.

Fold the band with right sides together along the length. Locate the center of the band by folding it in the middle and marking 12 inches on both sides. Leave this area open, but sew together the remaining sides and ends. These are the tying ends. Turn the ends right side out and iron neatly.

Turn and pin to the edge of the hat and finish with topstitch.