How to Make a Bouquet of Chocolate Flowers

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Making homemade gifts of sweet, decadent chocolates serves as a sentimental way to acknowledge someone special. Combining the romantic allure of roses with the sensual flavor of chocolate gives you the ability to dazzle the recipient on the day you give the gift. Knowing how to make a chocolate rose bouquet isn't difficult, nor does it require a bunch of materials to complete. A delicious craft project, you can make a chocolate rose bouquet in your kitchen with ease.

Fill the bottom reservoir of the double boiler with water. Insert the top basket of the double boiler and fill it with the milk chocolate chips. Adjust the stove to a medium heat. Cover the pan and allow the chocolate to melt for 20 minutes.

Pour 1 oz. of melted chocolate into each rose-shaped candy mold. These can be ordered online or found in craft supply stores.

Place 1/4 of an inch of the end of a sucker stick at the bottom of the blossom of a chocolate filled mold. Repeat for each remaining rose and let each mold sit like this for 30 minutes.

Slide the hardened chocolate roses from each mold. Wrap each rose bud with a small square of cling wrap. This keeps the roses from getting contaminated by dust particles and airborne germs, so they are safe and edible.

Bundle the dozen chocolate roses together and bind the stems together at the center with a rubber band.

Place the bouquet diagonally over a sheet of tissue paper measuring 12-inches-by-12-inches. Wrap the bouquet with the tissue paper into a cone shape. Adhere the paper to itself with a strip of clear tape.

Snip a 12-inch length of silk ribbon from the roll and tie it around the center of the wrapped chocolate rose bouquet into a simple bow.