How to Look Wrinkle Free in Your 40's Without Botox or Surgery

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Every woman can look wrinkle-free and can have a good looking skin even in her 40's, without using Botox or cosmetic surgery.This is possible if she starts skin care procedures during teenage or as soon as possible. I'm not even in my thirties,but i followed most of the advice in this article and it works.I'm told everyday that I look younger that my real age.

Start taking care of your skin when you are as young as 12-13 years old.Starting this age, you should apply a hydrating cream on your face every day.If you are still fighting with acne,make sure you get the best treatment possible,and be careful to not be left with acne marks.

A very important step in taking care of your skin is sun protection.Every dermathologist advise people to use sunscreen and avoid excessive sun exposure, and still so many people are very careless about that.The result is skin cancer,spots, and wrinkles. Use a day cream with a SPF at at least 15, and if you are going to be exposed in the sun for a longer time, use a higher SPF.Today you can find SPF creams with a protection factor of 90 or even 120, and the best thing is that they are not greasy anymore.There is no excuse for not using them.

Avoid sun exposure.Magazines and comercials promote the idea that having a "sun-kissed" skin is healthy and more beautiful, but they are doing that in order to promote tanning products and procedures.You can be sexy and beautiful even with a pale skin- look for example at Dita von Teese.She'll have a great skin even in her 50's mostly because she avoided sun exposure. The "sun-kissed" skin is only a fad, are you willing to pay for it with your skin?

Wear sunglasses and a hat; in this way you'll have a lower chance of depeloping "crow-feet" wrinkles near your eyes.

During your 20's start using a night cream, and an eye cream.Choose a night cream and an eye cream that fit your skin.You can start using a anti-wrinkle cream in your 20's.Contrary to common belief, it's not to early to use a anti-wrinkle cream in your mid 20's.It's best to use a anti wrinkle cream BEFORE the wrinkles start to appear;after that it's going to be too late.

Never go to sleep before taking off your makeup, even is a "mineral" makeup.Use cosmetic masks from time to time;find a good cosmetologist and go to her office every month for a facial massage and a cosmetic treatment.If you are on a tight budget, prepare your own masks and apply them regularly.

In your 30's, you should start a more intensive skin care routine.Start using more expensive (and better) skin care products-as much as your budget allows.Get enough sleep and forget about late nights out.

*Don't smoke!Smoking will make your skin appear at least 10 years older.Also avoid passive smoking.