Homeopathy Cure for Stretch Marks

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Although there are a variety of homeopathic treatments to reduce and prevent stretch marks, HomemadeMedicine.com confirms there's no homeopathic cure that will remove the scars completely. A number of treatments will reduce the appearance of the stretch marks and they typically fade more with time, but ultimately they may never disappear. DocShop.com verifies that despite the range of natural stretch mark treatments, only laser or surgical stretch mark removal can cure the scars.

Homeopathic Options

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While there's no immediate, homeopathic cure for stretch marks, there are homeopathic remedies that help fade the effects over time. According to Natural-HomeRemedies.com aloe vera gel and vitamin E capsules administered directly to the affected area once or twice a day can fade stretch marks. They also suggest lavender oil applied three times a day or a mixture of lavender, chamomile and a carrier oil like avocado, sweet almond or jojoba rubbed into the affected areas.


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Medically referred to as striae, DocShop characterizes stretch marks as a scaring of the skin at the dermis or middle layer. The dermis is where shape and elasticity is maintained. During pregnancy, temporary weight gain, puberty or long-term obesity, the skin can be stretched beyond what it can tolerate. When that occurs, the skin's connective fibers eventually break under the stress, disrupting collagen production and causing reddish or purplish lines of scarring.

Alternative Solutions

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Homeopathic treatment options for stretch marks are clearly the least invasive and generally the most inexpensive ways to fade stretch marks; however, those treatments often require more time and frequency of application. For consumers looking for quicker results, DocShop identifies effective, alternative solutions that include blue light therapy, chemical peels and microdermabrasion as growing in popularity. For patients with deep, mature scarring, DocShop cautions that surgical scar removal may be the only truly effective option.


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Preventing stretch marks, according to HomemadeMedicines.com is easier than eliminating them. They suggest exercise to firm skin, eating foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin E to promote good tissue growth, and external messaging of the skin with vitamin E or olive oil to encourage skin elasticity. For pregnant women hoping to prevent stretch marks, they encourage blending a mixture of aloe vera gel, vitamin E, vitamin A and virgin olive oil to apply to areas that commonly get stretch marks.


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While many attribute stretch marks to pregnancy and significant weight gain, experts at the Mayo Clinic advise patients that more serious causes exist. Since the body's production of cortisone can contribute to stretch marks, taking medications high in cortisone for long periods can lead to stretch marks. In addition, some genetic disorders like Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Marfan syndrome can lead to widespread stretch marks. And adrenal gland diseases and Cushing's syndrome can produce stretch marks.