How to Keep Sugar From Clumping


Storing your white sugar in a decorative bowl or shaker is both practical and functional. Heat and humidity, however, can quickly turn your sugar lumpy. To learn how to prevent your sugar from clumping, read on!

Choose a storage container: Ideally, white sugar should be stored in a container with a lid that seals tightly. If you prefer a shaker for a more decorative presentation, look for one with just a few holes in the lid, or one in which the opening is covered with a small, hinged flap. A sugar bowl should have a lid that completely covers the bowl, even if the seal isn't air tight. Whichever your prefer, make sure that the inside of the container is completely dry before adding the sugar.

Choose a storage location: For best results, your sugar container should be stored away from all sources of heat or moisture. In the kitchen, the biggest culprit is generally the stove, where hot steam from cooking can clump your sugar in no time! The kitchen table or a counter away from the sink or stove will help to keep your sugar clump-free.

Add a moisture absorber: If your home is quite humid, you might need to add something to the bottom of the bowl or shaker to absorb the moisture. One of the best options is plain, white rice. Unlike crackers, the rice will not crumble over time and mix with your sugar. For best results, place about 1 teaspoon or so of rice into a fillable mesh or cloth teabag. (You can find usually find these where ever bulk teas and spices are sold, such as a health food store or specialty market.) Place the rice bag at the bottom of the shaker or bowl, then add the sugar on top. Replace the rice every couple of months.