How to Keep Razor Blades Sharp Forever

by Fashion, Style & Personal Care Editor

How to Keep Razor Blades Sharp Forever. Dull razor blades don't just cause you more nicks and cuts on your face or legs, they also cost you money to replace them. No matter what kind of blade you buy or how much money you spend, razor blades dull over time. Following these steps, though, can help you keep your razor blades sharp long enough to make them worth your money.

Items you will need

  • Blow dryer
  • Plastic bag
Step 1

Use a blow dryer to dry your razor blade completely. Water, rather than use, dulls the blades.

Step 2

Store your razor blade in a plastic bag after it's dry. If you leave water on the razor blade, it speeds up corrosion.

Step 3

Squeeze all the air out of the plastic bag. This is essential so that you don't give the blade any room to create frost.

Step 4

Put the plastic bag containing your razor blade in the freezer. Freezing stalls the corrosion process and allows your razor blade to stay sharp.


  • If storing your razor blades in the freezer isn't possible, store it anywhere except in the bathroom. The condensation in bathrooms speeds up the corrosion process and lessens the life of your razor blade.