How to Increase the Yeast Taste in Bread

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Loaf bread, dinner rolls or delicious cinnamon rolls all require one ingredient in common -- yeast. The leavening action of yeast enables the dough to rise to much larger sizes than that of "quick" breads that don't use the ingredient. It also lends a unique, malty taste to such breads. For those who enjoy the yeasty flavors of bread, you can increase the amounts to thicken the taste. Increasing the yeast taste in homemade bread and bread products is an easy endeavor for even the novice baker.

Add 2 cups of flour, the salt and baking powder to the glass bowl.

Fill the glass with water. Stir in the yeast powder. Ordinarily a recipe of this size only uses about a tablespoon of yeast. To heighten the yeast flavor, we have added more yeast. This will also make the bread rise to a much larger size.

Microwave the cup on high for one minute. This warms it to help activate the yeast faster.

Stir the warm yeast water into the flour mixture. A thick, clumpy paste will form.

Stir in the lemon-lime soda. Use Sprite, 7up or any other brand. The fizzing action of the soda pop adds to the leavening action of the yeast and enhances its flavoring. It does not leave a lemon or lime flavor in the bread recipe because such a small amount is used.

Pour the remaining cup of flour on your kitchen counter surface and spread it around a little bit. Drop the dough mixture from the bowl into the flour and knead it until it creates a solid dough ball that isn't sticky. Return the dough ball to the bowl and clean up the flour to discard it.

Cover the bowl containing the dough ball for about an hour using a tea towel. During this time the extra yeast will allow the ball to grow to double and even triple its original size. After this, bake the bread as planned.