How to Identify Sable Fur

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Sable is one of the most expensive types of fur on the market. It is harvested from the marten--an animal which generally lives wild on protected nature preserves. The most expensive sables come from Russia, with cheaper sable available from Canada. There are several ways to tell if your fur coat, hat or handbag is genuine sable.

Feel the weight of the fur. Russian and Canadian sable is lighter than other types of furs, including mink, fox and rabbit.

Look at the coloring of the fur. The finest Russian sable is deep brown with silver tips that can give it an almost blue coloring. There is also golden sable that takes on a reddish brown appearance in some lights.

Feel the texture of the sable. The pelts have dense and even patterns that give them a silkier feel than other furs, including mink.

Look at the price tag attached to the fur piece. Sable is the most expensive type of fur available. A fur piece that claims to be sable but is reasonably price may not be authentic.