How to Grocery Shop at ALDI

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Anyone can shop at an ALDI, but the grocery store chain has a few rules that could be confusing to the unsuspecting visitor. ALDI's slogan is "honest to goodness savings." It accounts for those savings with a no-frills approach to everything from its carts to its shopping bags.

The shopping carts at ALDI are locked together at the store entrance. You must insert a quarter in the cart slot to release a cart. The quarter will be returned when the cart is returned.

ALDI stores look like a giant warehouse room. The products are in boxes, and there are many familiar brand names. But the stores are not large, and the aisles are always extra wide so visitors can get in and out fast. As part of the no-frills attitude, there is no music in the store, no fancy coffee shop, and don't look for any free samples.

Unload your groceries at the check-out counter like any other store. However, you must wheel the cart down to the end by the cashier. The cashier scans the items, then puts them back into the cart. ALDI does not accept credit cards, checks or coupons. It will accept cash, food stamps, and PIN-based debit cards. There is no bagger, so you must bag the groceries yourself.

Take the cart to the packing counter, where you buy take-home grocery bags provided by the store. The bags cost 5 or 10 cents each. Keep the bag for the next time you shop at ALDI to avoid paying for one again.

Return the cart to the front of the store. Place the key attached to the next cart into the slot on the cart you are using to get the quarter back.

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