How to Give the Illusion of Having Breasts

by Yvonne Van Damme ; Updated September 28, 2017

Use a few tricks to make breasts look larger.

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Looking good can require some effort. Not everyone is born with the same assets. If you do not naturally have the cleavage that you want and don't want to surgically enhance your look, there are ways to give the illusion of having breasts. There is no need to go under the knife. Instead, use certain undergarments and makeup tricks to boost your cleavage.

Wear a push-up bra. Get fitted for the proper bra that will give the illusion of having breasts. The push-up bra works best if you already have a bit of cleavage.

Wear a padded bra. The push-up bra will push cleavage upwards. If you are really small breasted, a padded bra is a better option. There are padded bras that can add one full cup size.

Use makeup to give the illusion of having breasts. Use a large, bronzer blush to apply bronzer to the area between the breasts. Blend in the color well. The goal is to create a V-shape.

Apply a pale gold or white eyeshadow to the cleavage. Use an eyeshadow brush or a blush brush. Apply it on the top half of the breasts. Blend the lighter color in with the darker color using a makeup sponge.


  • Do not use shimmery or sparkly bronzer or eyeshadow.

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