How to Get the Cup Size of the Breast

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Wearing a bra that fits well makes a huge difference in how your clothes will look on you. An ill-fitting bra causes bulging at the sides or back, spilling over in the front and lacks the proper support. Many women believe they're wearing the correct bra size but have never taken their own measurements. The right sized bra keeps breasts lifted, supported and helps clothes look their best.

Wrap the middle of a measuring tape around your back so the tape is flat against your back and in line with the band of your bra.

Bring the ends of the measuring tape toward the front of your body. Hold the beginning end of the measuring tape in front of you, while bringing the other end up toward your armpit and across your chest, directly above your breasts.

Lay the beginning end of the measuring tape across your chest in the same manner so the first measurement is taken above your breasts. Write this measurement down on a piece of paper.

Position the middle of the measuring tape around your back so it's parallel to the fullest part of your breasts in the front. Wrap the measuring tape around the front so it crosses directly over the nipples. Record this as your second measurement.

Determine your cup size by subtracting the second measurement from the first measurement. Each inch of difference represents one cup size. For instance, a difference of one inch means you wear an A cup, two inches is a B cup, three inches a C cup and four inches a D cup.