How to Get Sprinkles to Stick to Your Lips

Polka Dot Images/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Create a sexy and enticing look by applying sprinkles to your lips. The shiny, coarse texture of the sprinkles is a flirty way to have your boyfriend notice you or dress yourself up for a fashion photo shoot. Because you are using a food-based product that is water soluble, use adhesive that won't cause the sugar to be absorbed, thus causing the sprinkles to melt or fall off your lips. Experiment with different colors for different occasions such as green for St. Patrick's Day or hot pink for Valentine's Day.

Wipe your lips with a tissue to remove any sweat, dirt or oil that may be on them. Refrain from using a moist tissue because you want to remove the moisture from the top of your lips in order for the spirit gum to stick.

Apply a thin layer of spirit gum across you lips. Spirit gum has a small application brush. Gently brush the spirit gum across your lips, covering both the top and bottom completely.

Pour sprinkles onto a dish. If they spread out, cluster them in an even layer.

Lower your face and press your lips into the sprinkles firmly. The dish should be on a hard surface such as a table. Hold your face into the sprinkles for 30 to 60 seconds.

Lift your face and brush away and random sprinkles. There may be a few residual sprinkles stuck to your face. Brush them away so you can see the full shape of your lips.