How to Get Smooth, Silky Legs Without Shaving

by Contributor ; Updated October 06, 2017

Learn how to get smooth silky legs without shaving in a few easy steps. All you will need are a few essential items to achieve smooth and healthy skin. After a few uses, the hair growth will become lighter and you can permanently say goodbye to razors!

Once a week take a bath in very hot water. Don't scald yourself, but make it as hot as you can handle. The hot soak will help remove dead skin and promote the growth of new cells.

Use a loofah to exfoliate once or twice a week. This will keep your skin smooth, and help prevent ingrown hairs. Use them gently, and not too frequently. You want to aid your skin's regeneration, not irritate it.

Get some 500 or 600 grit sandpaper. Cut it into 3-4 squares. Rub it in small circles over your legs. Use light pressure only, you don't want to abrade the skin. This will remove the hair and exfoliate at the same time. The sandpaper works just like those hair removal pads you see on TV, and is far less expensive.

Use a good lotion. Cocoa butter lotion or a lotion with aloe will keep your skin smooth and healthy. Be careful to avoid oily lotions, as they can clog pores and contribute to ingrown hairs.

If you can find them, there are spray-on products that can be used after hair removal to slow the growth of new hair. They will make the hair finer and lighter with each use, and they really do work to make your hair grow less.

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