How to Get Smooth, Silky Legs Without Shaving

by Contributor ; Updated October 06, 2017

Love the look of perfect tweezed and plucked eyebrows but hate the pain. The discomfort is enough to make many people go with bushy eyebrows, but there is some tricks to having perfect eyebrows with no to very little pain and discomfort.

Step 1

Apply orajel to the eyebrow thirty seconds or so before plucking the eyebrows. Baby orajel works to if you have it around the house, you just may need to put a dab more on. You can do this before waxing to help with the pain but it works best when using tweezers. Reapply the orajel if you will be using the tweezers to get the hair that the wax did not get.

Step 2

Take a dose of of liquid pain reliever thirty minutes before waxing or plucking eyebrows to get the maximize benefit of reducing any pain.

Step 3

Take a warm shower before shaping eyebrows, this will open up the pores. If using the plucking method pluck as close to the root as possible.

Step 4

Tweezing unwanted hairs around eyebrows on a regular basis will allow you to go further and further between times when you have to reshape your whole eyebrow, which can be the most painful part.


  • If going to a professional to have eyebrows waxed or pluck, go a head and bring your orajel with you and apply it at appropriate times. This is not as rare as one might think.