How to Get Rubber Off Leather Shoes

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A stain on a pair of expensive natural leather shoes can be upsetting, but before you bring them in for a professional cleaning, you can try various at-home methods of stain removal. Also keep in mind that the same inexpensive methods to remove a rubber stain from your leather shoes, can be used for leather stains on your clothing or furniture.

Read the ingredients in commercial cleaners for leather shoes. These cleaners can be expensive and by researching their ingredients, you may be able to recreate them at home for less money.

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Apply white vinegar to the rubber stain and dab the stain. Then apply olive oil or beeswax, let it absorb, and buff the stained area. Use a lint free cloth or chamois.

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Mix one part lemon juice, either fresh lemon or bottled, with one part cream of tartar until a paste forms. Rub the mixture into the rubber stain, then remove it with a cloth. Repeat if the the stain does not fully come off, but leave the mixture on the rubber stain for several hours.

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Spray the rubber stain with a water-based hair spray. Do not use a hair spray with petroleum or oil, so as not to damage the leather. Hair spray categorized as having a mild hold with be less likely to harden the leather during the stain removal process.