How to Fit an Oversized Finger Ring

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An oversized ring poses a serious problem. When a ring is too large to fit properly, it can be easily lost. It’s also a hassle having to readjust an oversized ring every five minutes. Fortunately, there are things you can do to tighten an oversized finger ring. Consider your options and choose a resizing method that suits you.

Attach a ring wrap to the underside of your ring. A ring wrap is a malleable metal band that wraps around the band of your ring to tighten the ring size. Simply place the wrap around the band and secure it using a set of needle-nose pliers.

Take your oversized ring to a jeweler. Request the jeweler to place sizing beads inside the band of your ring. Sizing beads are small, metal beads. When bonded to the inside band of a ring, they tighten the ring size.

Request a professional jeweler to resize your ring by soldering it. The soldering process is a complicated technique. First, a cast of the ring is made. Then, the ring is superheated until the metal material can be cut using a shank. A portion of the ring is removed and the ring is rejoined. The jeweler then cools the ring and reforms it to its original shape using the cast.