How to Find Containers for Your Homemade Beauty Products

by Amy McNulty

Airtight glass jars are suitable for beauty product storage.

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You can make your own homemade beauty products to save money or simply so that you know the exact contents of the products. Keep them for yourself or share your wares with friends. Homemade beauty products make excellent gifts for the women in your life who love cosmetics. However, you should store them in suitable containers, or bacteria may get into the products and cause irritation when used. You don't have to spend a lot of money on containers; in fact, you may have suitable materials on hand.

Items you will need

  • Glass jars
  • Baby food jars
  • Used brand-name beauty containers
  • Mason jars
  • Glass relish bottles
  • Plastic bottles
  • Spray bottles
  • Duct tape
Step 1

Determine the appropriate size and type of container. Creams, pastes and powders fit nicely into glass or plastic jars. Spray-on mists and perfumes are suitable for plastic spray bottles. Keep the container as small as possible to allow for easy storage and travel.

Step 2

Choose the material of the container. Glass and plastic both work, but because plastic is more porous, some beauty products may dye the plastic material permanently. Glass looks cleaner, but plastic is less prone to breakage. Clear containers allow you to more easily see what's inside and work well for many powders, creams and sprays, but if you're following a recipe for a product that claims it is sensitive to light, you may want to invest in light-proof containers. If you can't find colored glasses and jars to help block the light, wrap the clear containers with duct tape or store the products in cupboards out of the light.

Step 3

Search your cupboards and panty for containers you have in hand. You can store homemade beauty products in empty brand-name beauty product containers, plastic spray bottles, empty baby food jars and any other glass or plastic jars and containers you have around the home. Any air-tight container will work, including Mason jars and glass relish bottles, although these may be larger than you want for beauty products you carry with you on the go. If you're going to store the products at home, however, and you make a large quantity, larger bottles and jars may work well. Thoroughly clean and allow them to dry fully before you put the product in, or bacteria and moisture could contaminate it. Ask friends and family if they have old containers you can use.

Step 4

Search craft and beauty stores, as well as online craft and beauty suppliers, for new containers. They are likely to have suitable small plastic and glass containers for sale, and often you can buy in bulk.


  • Label your product and list all ingredients, so that recipients with allergies may opt out of using your gift. A label also can brighten up your container.


  • If you intend to sell your homemade cosmetics, ensure that you comply with regulations. Get appropriate local licenses where necessary.

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