How to Fade Facial Wrinkles Naturally and Inexpensively

Reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles doesn't have to be expensive or involve unhealthy chemicals. These easy and inexpensive steps should help you fade away lines and wrinkles, while giving you healthier looking skin.

Try a Lemon Juice Peel

Everybody knows acid peels are great for improving skin tone and texture -- both important when you're trying to get rid of wrinkles. The solution to those expensive peels is lemon juice: you can dilute it to a strength that suits your skin, and it's many times cheaper than other anti-aging peels (without the unpronounceable ingredients.) More details and instructions here:

Exercise your Face

With all the focus fitness gets nowadays, you would think facial muscles would be receiving more attention. The benefits? Increased circulation brings a healthy glow, helps remove toxins, and nourishes skin and collagen with the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals available from the blood supply. Add to that the muscle tone, which can fill in wrinkled areas and pull up sagging skin. While it must be done consistently over time to produce results, many say it's worth the effort. Links to instructional websites are in the 'resources' section below.

Diminish Lines and Wrinkles from the Inside Out with Nutritional Supplements

Try Hyaluronic Acid (helps skin retain water, making it softer and plumper), Vitamin C (necessary for the production of collagen), and Silica (supports healthy hair, nails, and skin). Most are available at health food or vitamin stores.

Don't let dry skin exaggerate wrinkles

Keep your skin moisturized with a lotion or cream, especially in the winter, as wrinkles are particularly noticeable when skin is dry. Carry some with you and apply more mid-day if necessary. This may seem insignificant, but it can make a noticeable difference.