How to Fade Brown Skin Spots Quickly

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Erasing sunspots and faded brown skin spots is easy if you know what skincare methods to utilize. Some individuals dislike the brown skin blemishes that appear after extended skin exposure to the sun's UV rays. These brown skin spots (also known as liver spots or sun spots) can cause such considerable worry. Learn how to fade brown sun spots to improve your skin's appearance.

Understand what causes dark brown skin spots. Brown spots usually appear on the skin of the face, neck and arms. The underlying cause of such brown skin spots is the aging, damaging effects of UV rays in sunlight. For this reason, brown skin spots are often called sun spots. Because UV damage builds up over time, skin spots can be linked with aging and have been called age spots

Prevent brown skin spots, wrinkles and other negative effects of sunlight by avoiding direct sunshine when the sun is hottest. Also, use a premium sunscreen intended for the sensitive skin of the face. Facial sunscreen should be carefully formulated to avoid clogging facial pores. Examples include Olay Regenerist UV Defense Regenerating Lotion, which also contains anti-aging properties to help fade spots and reduce wrinkles. Such facial lotions can be purchased at a local drugstore, or online (see Resources, below).

Fade the appearance of skin spots using natural methods. Dab pure lemon juice on the skin blemishes. The natural acids in the lemon juice can help fade skin spots. This natural skin care method takes longer than using anti-aging skin creams, but may naturally erase skin spots without resorting to man-made chemicals.

Use an exfoliating facial scrub to help deeply cleanse the skin and remove the upper layer of dead skin. This reveals newer, non-blemished skin and can help expedite the removal and fading of brown skin spots.

Apply a generous amount of anti-aging skin cream or serum to problem skin areas. According to, look for a product that contains hydroquinone, deoxyarbutin, glycolic acid or kojic acid, but avoid any with hydroquinone, which could irritate your skin.

Products such as Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer claim they can speed up your skin's natural skin cell turnover rate, potentially helping to erase skin spots and fade blemishes. Use a special night lotion before going to bed, such as Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Moisturizing Treatment, to keep your skin hydrated and hasten the fading of spots. Such anti-aging skin creams with fading skin effects can be found at your favorite department store or online.