How to Enhance Red Hair Naturally

How to Enhance Red Hair Naturally. You don't have to put toxic commercial hair dyes on your red hair to enhance and brighten its color. You can find natural ways to make your red hair look its best. The following steps will show you how.

Pour half a cup of beet juice into a metal bowl or sauce pan. Pour half a cup of carrot juice into the metal bowl with the beet juice.

Mix the 2 ingredients together with a metal spoon.

Wash your hair. Rinse it well.

Pour the mixture onto your hair while you're in the shower. Sit in the tub and pour it on as close to the drain as possible to avoid splattering the mixture over the wall tile and shower curtain. It will leave stains.

Put an old towel around your shoulders. Put a shower cap on your head so you don't get any of the mixture on your clothes.

Sit in the heat of the sun for about an hour, letting the mixture soak into your hair.

Wash the mixture out of your hair thoroughly and condition. Repeat this treatment each day until you receive the desired results.