How to Easily Peel the Skin Off a Pearl Onion

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pearl onions are related to leeks. The onions are smaller than traditional onions, and usually do not grow more than 1 inch in diameter. When pearl onions reach maturity, they have a slightly sweeter taste than larger onion varieties. The onions grow in white, yellow and red varieties, but they all have a white interior. Pearl onions are tricky to peel because the skin sticks to the bulb. Instead of struggling to cut the skin off the onions, boil the onions to loosen the skin.

Slice the tip end of the pearl onion off with a paring knife. The tip end is opposite of the root end. Only cut about 1/16 of it off, so that the onions blanch properly.

Bring a pot of water to a full boil.

Drop the pearl onions into the water. Boil the onions for two minutes.

Drain the water from the pearl onions.

Allow the onions to cool completely in ice water.

Squeeze the root end of the onions gently. The pearl onions will pop out of the skin.

Slice the root end of the onions off. Discard the skin.