How to Dye My Hair With Garnier Nutri-Browns

by Sabrina Ashley ; Updated September 28, 2017

Garnier Nutri-Browns are permanent hair colors designed for people with naturally dark brown or black hair. Nutri-Browns is a nourishing hair color with botanicals and essential oils to keep the hair healthy, soft and shiny. Garnier Nutrisse Nutri-Browns comes in three different shades: cool brown, reddish brown and golden brown.

Put on the plastic gloves provided.

Remove tip of the developer bottle. Then take off the cap of the bottle.

Pour the crème color into the developer bottle.

Pour the fruit-oil concentrate into the developer bottle.

Place the cap back on the developer bottle.

Place your index finger on the top of the bottle. Shake the developer bottle to mix the contents. Use the hair color immediately.

Start coloring the hair around the face. Part or separate hair into 1/4-inch sections using the tip of the bottle. Squeeze the bottle and apply the hair color with the tip. Keep applying the hair color moving backward until the entire head is colored.

Wait 25 minutes. If you have a lot of gray hair leave hair color on for 30 minutes.

Get in the shower. Add a little warm water to the head by turning on the shower head for a few moments. Lather up the hair color.

Rinse hair completely in the shower until the water is clear.

Apply the conditioner provided. Leave on for two minutes and rinse out.

Dry hair as usual.


  • For first-time users do a patch test first to see if you are allergic to the developer or to the hair color. Apply a dime-size amount of each to your forearm and wait 24 to 48 hours for an allergic reaction.

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