How to Dye Black Clothing

How to Dye Black Clothing. Black clothing easily fades after repeated washing and wear. But don't worry; it's easy to get your favorite black clothes back to their original state right at home. Just follow these simple steps to dye black clothing.

Purchase a quality washable fabric dye at your local Drug or Grocery store. These are designed to use with almost all washable fabrics including cotton, rayon, linen, wool and silk as well as fabric blends with at least 60% dyeable fiber.

Wash and dry the clothing you will be dying prior to beginning the dye process to remove any buildup for an even, accurate color.

Fill a large pot (big enough for the item of clothing to move around) with hot water on your stove top.

Follow the dye manufacturer's directions for determining the proper amount of dye for your item. Mix this amount in the pot with the hot water.

Thoroughly wet your clothing in clean, hot water. Wring out the excess water and flatten any wrinkles.

Add the clothing to the pot with dye and bring it to a simmer on the stove. Stir constantly moving in different directions to ensure the item thoroughly absorbs the dye. Continue this for at least 30 minutes or per the dye directions.

Rinse your clothing in clean, warm water moving gradually to cooler, cold water until the water runs clear. Follow by washing and drying the clothing in your machines (separate from other clothing).