How to Dress Like Clara Bow,,

Clara Bow was the original "it" girl. The iconic flapper of the Roaring '20s, she captured the hearts of millions across America. Though she was shy and reclusive, Bow was known for the sexual magnetism of her onscreen performances. ("It" was commonly understood as another word for sex appeal.) She perpetuated the popularity of partying, jazz music, drinking and the modern flapper image. At the time, hemlines began crawling up and makeup became more dramatic. With her disheveled crop, sooty eyes and deep, heart-shaped lips, this silent-film star became a personification of the era.

Get Bow's springtime look. Find a vintage cloche hat, low-waisted floral dress, and boots.

Go for the fur look. The glamorous Bow often incorporated fur into her evening wear. If you're against the wearing of authentic fur, use faux pieces.

Get the right evening dress. During her heyday, Bow wore gowns that many would consider scandalous, due to their low backs.

Invest in a scarf. Wrap it around your head and tie it in your hair like a headband.

Wear a bathing suit. Bow wore a black one-piece suit with black heels.

Get Bow's total "It Girl" look. Find a sweater with horizontal stripes and set it off with a knee-length skirt, a belt, a scarf and some vintage shoes.