How to Do Fishtail Pigtails

Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Pigtails are sometimes considered to be an appropriate hairstyle for a young girl. However, women of any age can use pigtails to dress up their hairstyles as well. The fishtail braid, when it is finished, looks a lot like a braid done with just two strands of hair rather than the usual three. For yet another look, fishtail braids can be split in two to create pigtails instead. These pigtails, or double fishtails, can be styled for a neat and tidy look or a slightly sloppier, casual look.

Brush your hair to remove any tangles. Use a comb to split your hair into two equal portions, one on each side. Secure each side with an elastic band to keep the two parts separate.

Remove the elastic band from the side you want to work on first. Split this side into two equal parts.

Pull a small section of hair from the front side of the front section. Cross the small section over the front section and add that small section to the larger back section.

Separate a small section of hair from the side of the back section. Cross it over the back section and add it to the larger front section.

Repeat this process, alternately removing small sections of hair from the side of each of the larger sections, adding it to the opposite larger section. When you reach the bottom of your hair length, secure the end with an elastic band.

Remove the elastic band from the side you have not braided. Separate this side into two equal sections.

Repeat the fishtail braiding process to create the second pigtail on the other side of your head. Secure it with an elastic band when you reach the bottom.