How to Do Card Readings With Ordinary Playing Cards

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An ordinary deck of playing cards can be used for fortunetelling, just like a tarot deck. As such, you can use any of the layouts for tarot readings. Because card readings are for fun you are free to assign your own meaning to each card, based on personal experiences, or you can use the traditional meanings associated with the cards.

Card Readings

Remove the 2 of diamonds and the 2 of hearts from the deck. Use the 2 of diamonds if a woman's fortune is being read. Use the 2 of hearts for a man. Place the appropriate card in the center of the table, discarding the other.

Shuffle the remaining deck and lay out eight cards face up around the card representing the person whose fortune is being read. Form a square with these eight cards around the person's card. These cards tell about what shapes the destiny of the person being read.

Lay out another eight cards in another square around the inner square. Place four cards at the corners and four cards taking the center of each side of the square. These cards represent the forces surrounding the person being read.

Starting with any card on the inner square, read the meaning and interpret it in relation to the person being read. Try to weave all the card meanings together to create more of a story. When you finish with the inner cards, progress to the surrounding forces revealed in the outer cards.

Read the Heart suit cards as follows: Ace--distrust acquaintances seeking to betray you 2--represents the man getting his fortune read 3--signifies happiness and popularity 4--if near, symbolizes riches; if far, symbolizes failure 5--if near, is a good omen; if far, means secrets may be exposed 6--denotes success in all ventures 7--indicates a change of residence for the better 8--indicates flattery and can portend strife 9--indicates riches 10--indicates a long and happy life Jack--a mystery affecting the person will be discovered Queen--if on the right side, indicates happy marriage; if on left, disappointment in love King--indicates a confiding disposition

Read the Club suit cards as follows: Ace--foretells misadventures 2--forecasts a long journey which may involve an accident or robbery 3--foretells good health 4--augury of success unless surrounded by unlucky cards 5--bearer of good tidings 6--expect surprise, likely disagreeable 7--forecasts happiness. If above the person, signifies virtue, but if below, indicates immorality 8--indicates enmity and calamities 9--if near, foretells new love; if far, foretells of false friends 10--denotes sickness Jack--denotes honor and recognition of labor Queen--is the symbol of cheerfulness King--sign of successful speculations

Read the Diamond suit cards as follows: Ace--signifies dire misfortune and fierce enemies 2--denotes the lady whose fortune is being read 3--denotes riches, unless card is on the left, then it denotes loss by speculation 4--if near, represents true friends; if far, beware of unsuspected enemies 5 -- denotes successful ventures in business and love 6 -- presages a sudden shock from bad news 7--indicates good fortune and neutralizes unlucky cards nearby 8--foretells ill luck for years if near; death of a friend if far 9--signifies great joy 10--presages disappointment or possibly an early death Jack--is a sign of good news Queen--signifies friendly disposition King--a sign of good tidings, possibly unexpected fortune

Read the Spade suit cards as follows: Ace--warns against assaults 2--ensures success in all enterprises if near; if distance, foretells unlucky events 3--an omen of phenomenal luck, abundance and honors 4--if near, denotes interest taken by friends; if far, indicates suspicion 5--foretells acute illness or loss of property if near; if distant, of averting evil 6--denotes loss by theft 7--if to the right, indicates divorce, otherwise indicates domestic happiness 8--indicates the presence of a mighty enemy 9--indicates beauty and rugged health 10--predicts family quarrels Jack--indicates intense love of life Queen--a sign someone is looking at the person being read with great love King--ensures the fulfillment of highest aims if near; a troubled marriage if far