How to Decorate Potato Salad With Food

by Amy Lukavics

Potato salad can be jazzed up in a number of ways.

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Potato salad is a classic summer dish that complements fried chicken, burgers, hot dogs, or anything else from the grill. While potato salad is very flavorful, its appearance can often come off as boring and bland. If you'd like to decorate your potato salad with edible embellishments, you can do so using a number of simple ingredients. Not only will the ingredients give the potato salad a more attractive appearance, but they will add complementing flavors to put the taste over the top.

Peel two hard boiled eggs and slice them in half length-wise. Place the egg halves, yolk side up, in the middle in a flower shape, arranged with the bottom ends facing each other in the center of the bowl and the top ends pointing outwards.

Place a black olive at each top end of the egg "flower," as well as in the middle.

Thinly slice a bell pepper of any color and arrange the slices in a circle around the egg and olive "flower."

Arrange some finely diced purple or green onions around the perimeter of the bowl.

Sprinkle paprika over the top of the hard boiled egg halves.


  • Cherry tomatoes or green olives can be used in place of the black olives.

    You can choose to use one color of bell pepper or mix it up with alternating colors.

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