How to Decorate a Wedding Veil

There are many ways to reduce the cost of your wedding without compromising on quality. One of those ways is to decorate your own wedding veil. A wedding veil is the net like material attached to the tiara or comb worn by a bride. Veils were originally used to add a delicate modesty to the bride but now they are used for a traditional look. Decorated veils can be very expensive. If you have a glue gun, thread and needle and inspiration, you can save some money and decorate your own.

Determine what type of decoration will complement your dress. You do not want the veil to take attention away from your dress, but to work cohesively with it. Look at your dress and evaluate which of the following decorative strategies will work best with your gown.

Decorate with ribbons. A ribbon added to the edge of a veil can be a beautiful, simple statement. The width of your ribbon can vary, depending on the look of your gown. If choosing a thick ribbon, you can apply hot glue one side of your ribbon and affix it to the edge or seam of your veil, or you can sew it on using a hand stitching method. You will need to do the same on the underside of the veil too.

Decorate with beads. If beads, pearls and/ or sequins match your dress, you can use them to decorate your veil. You can apply the beads, pearls or sequins in a random, scattered pattern, or, you can plot it out based on your dress’ design. Beads, pearls, and sequins should be hand sewn onto the veil. The needle and thread should go through the object just once, and then a very small knot should be tied in the thread on the underside of the veil.

Decorate with lace. You can decorate your veil with lace- especially if there is lace on your dress. Use the same type of lace as is on your dress. You can either hot glue or hand sew a strip of the lace to the edge or seam of your veil, or you can cut out designs from your lace and sew them on your veil in a pattern that mimics the dress. When affixing lace to any place other than the edge of your veil, it should be hand sewn.

Feel free to combine any of the above methods- as long as that is what you see on your dress. If your dress has lace with sequins and beads sewn on top of the lace- you can do the same on your veil.