How to Cut Thin Hair Into a Bob Hairstyle

Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images

A bob hairstyle transforms short looks commonly found on women. However, a man can also have a bob hairstyle. The length of this particular hairstyle varies depending on your personal preference. The hair is cut straight across anywhere from just above the chin to an inch or two below the jaw line. If you have thin hair, improve the look of a bob hairstyle by adding volume-enhancing products to your hair. Even if you’re not experienced at cutting and styling hair, you can probably still handle cutting this style.

Wash your hair with a volume-enhancing shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and do not blow dry. The hair should be saturated when you start cutting.

Part the hair where it will be parted when styled and comb it straight.

Use clips to clip off several sections. Separate the front left and front right sections, the left and right crown pieces and the left and right nape sections. Along the perimeter of the head below the crown, there will be about half an inch of loose hair. Pin this section, as well.

Release the front strands of hair from the pins. Comb them in front of the face and make a straight cut where the bob will fall, such as just above the chin. You can use a ruler to ensure the cuts are straight.

Hold strands from the left and right side of the head out in front of the face to check for evenness. After you make all cuts, you should check the evenness on each side.

Take out the hair from the right nape section. Cut it straight across at the same area where you cut the first sections. Once the right side is cut, release and cut the left side and check for evenness.

Remove the clips for the side pieces below the crown. Cut these evenly, and release the crown sections. Cut them to be even with the side strands. Check for evenness as you cut.

Comb the hair through once all the sections have been released from the pins, cut and checked for evenness. Again, check to be sure the bob hairstyle is even all the way around.

Massage a volume-enhancing mousse into the roots of your hair. This product will make the thin bob hairstyle fuller and thicker. Be sure your hair is still wet when you apply the mousse.

Blow dry the hair and check for evenness again, correcting any long strands. With thin hair, it’s especially important to check for evenness when the hair is wet and when it’s dry.