How to Cut Skulls Into a Shirt


0:05 hi this is mo of Mo West creations and

0:09 I'm going to show you how to cut a skull

0:11 shape out of a t-shirt to start with get

0:15 a t-shirt that you want to cut a skull

0:18 shape out of I'm going to do black so i

0:21 can wear a white top underneath or any

0:24 color and it will show through and then

0:27 i put cardboard on the inside to make it

0:31 easier to cut just the back of the shirt

0:35 first thing you want to do once the

0:37 cardboard is in your shirt is take a

0:39 piece of chalk or pencil on the inside

0:42 and kind of draw out your skull shape

0:47 you want to if you're going to do some

0:49 really big holes you want to leave

0:51 little strips of fabric down in the

0:54 middle of them so that your shirt

0:58 doesn't distort too much it's okay if

1:07 it's a little funky it's kind of

1:08 supposed to be

1:16 you

1:33 make sure you leave room between the

1:35 teeth

2:03 once you have that it's time to cut so

2:07 as you're cutting start small because

2:13 you can always make your holes bigger

2:22 just cut out the shapes that you made so

2:27 once you've cut out your entire skull

2:30 that you drew now it's time to stretch

2:33 which is just pull gently but firmly on

2:38 all the little edges to get them to roll

2:44 you don't want to rip him this will help

2:48 and if you used chalk to make your

2:50 markings you definitely want to wash

2:52 your shirt before you wear it because

2:54 the chalk will come off on your other

2:55 clothes but the thing about a shirt

2:58 that's this cut up is you definitely

3:00 want to wash it on gentle and let it air

3:03 dry because this makes it become a

3:06 little bit delicate so just stretch all

3:10 your edges simply a nice roll to them

3:24 and there you have it how to cut a skull

3:29 out of the t-shirt this is mo west of mo

3:32 West creations ciao