How to Cut a Kiwi

Kiwi are delicious! However, they aren't the easiest things to prepare. The skin on a kiwi is very thin and for many people hard to remove. This may discourage some from eating this amazing fresh fruit. There is a simple little trick that will make you enjoy kiwi time and time again. Never again will you wonder how to cut a kiwi fruit.

Check to make sure kiwi is fully ripe. If it isnt removing the skin and cutting it will be much more difficult and the fruit won't taste to its full potential.

wash kiwi throughly with water that is cold to the touch. If you prefer you can dry or all the kiwi to dry before going on to the next step

Use potato peeler to peel the thin skin away from the ripe kiwi. Use cation while doing this. The kiwi's size can make this step difficult to complete.

Check kiwi to make sure all skin has been successfully removed. If skin remains carefully remove it as well.

After all skin had been removed you may now cut the kiwi and serve! Cutting kiwi into little circles is the preferred serving method.