How to Cook Frozen Spinach

Despite what most people think, frozen vegetables can be just as healthy-- if not healthier-- than fresh vegetables! As they are usually picked when in season, frozen vegetables can have a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals due to their preservation. They are also convenient! While I myself like to buy most vegetables fresh, I would rather have great tasting vegetables that I have to defrost and cook rather than bland fresh vegetables that aren't in season. Spinach is a versatile vegetable that can be used in a number of dishes!

How to Cook Frozen Spinach

First realize that just because it's frozen, spinach can benefit more from a little thawing over heat rather than full-on cooking. Simply put in a pan over low heat and cover for about 40 minutes. By then it should be thawed and served, or you can use it for more intensive cooking.

One of my favorite simple recipes is to do step 1, and then take the spinach off the heat and drain any resulting water out of the pan. Next, in another pan, sautee some sliced mushrooms, crushed garlic and onion in some olive oil for about 10 minutes or until onions are golden. Then add the spinach and cook until it is slightly wilted. (Note: you can omit the garlic if you do not like it.)

You can also use frozen spinach in omelets. Simply perform step 1and then add to egg mixture with other toppings of your choice (I like red peppers and mushrooms) before you fold over the omelet. Cook thoroughly.

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