How to Cook a Pork Shoulder Blade Steak

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There are a few different ways to cook a pork shoulder blade steak. While some people will cut the meat into thin slices for skewers, others will prefer grilling the steak as is. A pork shoulder blade steak is a very versatile cut, allowing you to add whatever marinade, fruits or vegetables you and your guests prefer.

Set up an area for you to organize your pork shoulder blade steaks. Have separate pieces of foil laid out that are large enough to be wrapped around each pork shoulder blade steak.

Chop your choice of vegetables into very thin slices and put them to the side. Minced garlic or shredded carrots are a couple of examples of what you can use. Vegetables that are soft or already cooked, like diced tomatoes or roasted chilies are fine as is. If the sauce you're using is thick, add some liquid such as a vinaigrette, lemon juice, or orange juice.

Sear both sides of the pork shoulder blade steak for 1 to 2 minutes on direct heat.

Lay each steak on its own piece of foil and spread the sauce or marinade over the steaks. Top with the chopped vegetables or fruit. You can use between 1/3 cup to 3/4 cup of sauce or marinade on each individual steak.

Seal each piece of foil tightly by crimping the foil together on top. Let there be air space between the steak and top of the foil.

Place the foiled steaks on a cooler part of the grill that isn't on direct heat. They will need to cook for about 20 minutes. Check one packet to see if it is thoroughly cooked. It could take up to 30 minutes depending on the size of the steaks.