How to Color Table Salt

Alexandra Rowley/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Layers of different colored salt added to a transparent bottle make a decorative sandscape, providing you don’t shake the bottle and turn it to muddy brown. You might also want colored salt for culinary purposes. There are several ways to color table salt. One method is not suitable for culinary purposes; use it in craft projects.

Craft Colored Salt

Pour table salt into a plastic food storage bag, filling less than half the bag.

Add a piece of colored chalk to the bag.

Seal the plastic bag.

Massage the bag, breaking up the chalk and blending it with the salt. The salt will take on the color of the chalk, and the chalk will disappear into the salt. Add more chalk for a darker color.

Culinary Colored Salt

Pour salt into a bowl.

Add a drop of food coloring to the salt.

Stir the salt with the spoon, mixing in the food coloring with the salt. Add more food coloring if desired.

Spread the salt on a plate in a thin even layer. Allow it to thoroughly dry.