How to Color Hair From Dark to Blonde

by Andrea Griffith ; Updated September 28, 2017

Dye your hair blonde--even with dark hair.

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Many women with dark hair long to make their hair blonde. However, you can dye your hair as many times as you want with a blonde hair dye but it won't work. In order to lighten dark hair to blonde, you will need an extra step. Bleaching your hair is the only way to achieve the blonde color you're longing for. But fear not, hair bleach is completely different from your regular household bleach. Although harsher than hair dye, the bleach is safe for your hair and will make the new blonde stand out and last long.

Mix together the ingredients from your hair bleach kit. Pour the bleach powder into the bowl provided. Stir in the peroxide until a thick, gravy-like solution is made.

Apply the bleach to your hair. Your hair needs to be completely saturated in the hair dye to ensure your hair is evenly bleached and streak-free.

Let the color set. Every kit is different, so make sure you read the directions to find out how long you should leave your hair bleach on your hair.

Rinse the bleach out thoroughly. Let your hair air dry. You can blow your hair dry if you want; however, you will using a lot of chemicals on your hair in one day and it's best to avoid over-processing your hair.

Mix the ingredients of your blonde hair dye kit. Your hair dye will come in a little bottle, and the activator will come in an application bottle. Open both bottles and pour the contents in the hair dye bottle into the application bottle. Shake the application bottle thoroughly to mix the ingredients.

Apply the hair dye to your entire head. Again, make sure your hair is completely saturated in the dye. Massage the hair dye into your hair to ensure your roots also are soaked in the dye.

Leave the hair dye in your hair for the amount of time specified in the instructions.

Rinse your hair with water--do not use shampoo.

Pour the hair conditioner into your hands and work it into your hair. Leave the conditioner on for 5 minutes to ensure that your hair gets thoroughly moisturized. Rinse the conditioner out and style as usual.


  • The hair bleach and dye kits can be purchased from any beauty supply store.

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