How to Clean Mesh Golf Shoes

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While it has little bearing on performance, keeping your golf shoes in pristine condition will help you maintain a professional appearance. Part of this maintenance includes regular cleaning. Unfortunately, cleaning may seem difficult if your golf shoes contain mesh since it has a fragile appearance. On the contrary, there is a simple way for you to clean the mesh parts of your golf shoes without causing any damage. All you need is foaming shoe cleaner and an old toothbrush.

Gently wipe away any excess dirt with a clean towel. Dirt can act as an abrasive and scratch your shoes during the cleaning process. A quick wipe with a clean towel will help prevent this from happening to your golf shoes.

Spray foaming shoe cleaner directly on the mesh and let the cleaner sit for several minutes. This allows the foam to soak through the mesh and lift stains that are deep within the material.

Gently brush the mesh with an old toothbrush. Use a circular motion with the toothbrush while you're cleaning.

Wipe away the excess foam when you are done cleaning and inspect the mesh for any remaining stains.

Repeat until the mesh has been completely cleaned.