How to Clean Boiled Wool


Boiled wool needs to be dry cleaned. There is no good way to launder it using water. Water will weaken the bonds between the fibers in the wool and greatly reduce the life of the wool article. Professional dry cleaning is the typical method of cleaning boiled wool articles, but you can also clean boiled wool at home using a off-the-shelf dry cleaning kit. These kits can be found at your local big box store or local supermarket.

Use a professional dry cleaner if this is an acceptable option for you. A professional is better equipped to remove any stains as well as perform any needed repairs to your boiled wool item. If you are sensitive to dry cleaning chemicals, have an issue with the environmental concerns regarding dry cleaning chemicals, or do not wish to pay for the cost of a professional dry cleaning, go on to Step 2.

Purchase a dry cleaning kit. Read the instructions included with the kit. Each brand of kit is slightly different, so follow the packaging directions precisely.

Add the garment to be cleaned to the bag provided in the kit. You may add more than one garment, but make sure they are of similar fabric weight. Do not load the bag more than half full.

Add the fabric dry cleaning sheet to the bag. Both the bag and the sheet can be found in your dry cleaning kit.

Put the bag into the dryer for the time recommended in the dry cleaning kit's directions. Different brands have different dryer times. Do not use commercial duty, laundromat or compact dryers for at-home dry cleaning, because they will get too hot.

Check to see if there are any needed repairs required after dry cleaning. A professional dry cleaner will check your garments after cleaning and can perform any needed repairs. Now is a good time for you to do the same. Inspect seams and buttons to see if they need to be sewn. Fix whatever needs fixing or take the garment to a professional who can do the work.