How to Clean a Barong Tagalog at Home

The barong tagalog is the male national costume in the Philippines. It is the counterpart of the female national costume, called the baro't saya. The barong tagalog is worn over a thin, collarless shirt and partnered with slacks. Men wear it during formal gatherings and celebrations, including weddings. When cleaning, it is best to hand-wash it to avoid damaging its elegant but delicate material.

Fill a basin with water and mild soap to make a cleaning solution. You can use a mild laundry detergent. While the parts required depend on the type of soap used, as a benchmark, add one part mild soap to five parts of water.

Dip the barong tagalog into the cleaning solution until it is completely submerged.

Gently brush the barong tagalog with a soft toothbrush to remove dirt and stains. Make sure you don’t brush too hard to avoid damage to the fine and delicate material and embroidery. You may also use your hands and fingernails to aid in the cleaning process. Never wring or squeeze any part of the barong when cleaning.

Remove the barong tagalog from the basin. Dispose of the cleaning solution.

Fill the basin with clean water.

Soak the barong tagalog in the basin. You may use running water when rinsing it in the basin if you can achieve the right flow of water coming from the faucet. If the water flow is too strong, it is possible to damage part of the barong, especially if it features a very intricate design or embroidery. In most cases, faucets turned anywhere from medium to medium-high are safe to use.

Remove the barong tagalog from the basin. Let it stand on top of the basin for at least a few seconds to allow the water to drip from it. Then lay it down on a clean, dry towel. Allow the extra water to get absorbed by the towel. Never twist or wring the barong tagalog to avoid wrinkling and damage to the fabric.

Hang the barong tagalog on a hanger. Allow it to dry overnight.