How to Braid Your Own Hair for Guys

by Sam Grover ; Updated September 28, 2017

Whether you are a man or a woman, the process behind braiding your hair is the same. It's a matter of separating the hair into distinct portions and folding them over one another in a specific pattern. Attention to detail is important, as each fold needs to be tight against the braid as a whole to keep it neat, tidy and fashionable.

Step 1

Brush your hair to get all the knots out and make it as smooth as possible.

Step 2

Separate your hair into three sections.

Step 3

Cross one of the sections on the side over the section in the middle.

Step 4

Pull all three sections so that the plait tightens at the top of them, holding them together.

Step 5

Repeat the process for the opposite section. If you crossed the left section in step three, cross the right section in this step, and vice versa.

Step 6

Alternate the section crossings, one after the other, until the braid is complete.

Step 7

Secure the braid with a ponytail holder, rubber band or piece of string.

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