How to Bleach Virgin Hair

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Virgin hair is hair that has never been chemically treated -- this includes perms, dying, chemically straighten and bleaching. This termed is often used when it comes to hair extensions. Since virgin has never been treated, it's much more expensive than other hair types because it is soft, in great shape and can be chemically treated even as extensions. If you have virgin hair and you're considering bleaching it, keep in mind that you can severely damage your hair. If you still want to go ahead with the bleaching process, it's relatively easy and can be done at home.

Put on a pair of plastic or latex gloves. This will prevent your skin from burning during the bleaching process.

Tie an old towel around your neck to protect your skin and clothing. You should also lay a few old towels around the floor and counter of your bathroom to prevent bleaching your floors or countertops.

Open your bleach kit. Notice that you have a bottle of powder bleach, a bottle of liquid hydrogen peroxide, a plastic bleach bowl, a hair bleach brush and instructions. Read over the instructions thoroughly before bleaching your hair.

Pour the powder bleach into the plastic bowl.

Add a small amount of the hydrogen peroxide to the bleach. Stir the chemicals together using the bleach brush. Continue to add the peroxide -- little by little -- until the bleach has the consistency of pancake batter. The bleach shouldn't be runny, but you shouldn't have any powder clumps either.

Dip the brush into the bleach and apply it to your hair. Use the brush to apply the bleach until your entire head is coated.

Place a plastic cap over your head, and let the bleach develop for the amount of time instructed in the directions. If at any time you start to feel an uncomfortable burning sensations -- a light tingle is normal -- rinse the bleach out immediately.

Rinse the bleach out under warm water when the time's up. Wash your hair with shampoo, then condition your hair with a deep-conditioning treatment. Deep conditioning your hair is important to keep your hair healthy and moisturized.