How to Bake Potatoes


0:00 ah that American classic it's as easy as

0:04 anything but it does take a little time

0:06 this recipe makes as many potatoes as

0:09 you want here's what you'll need

0:12 potatoes salt and pepper toppings here

0:17 in more detail is the list of the

0:19 ingredients you'll need step 1 preheat

0:22 the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit step

0:27 2 with a fork poke holes about half an

0:30 inch deep in each potato you only need

0:34 to do this three or four times step 3

0:37 place the potatoes on the ovens middle

0:40 rack spaced evenly do not wrap them in

0:44 foil bake for about one hour step 4

0:48 after about 40 minutes poke the potatoes

0:51 with a fork to test their progress step

0:56 5 when tender carefully remove the

0:59 potatoes from the oven and cut them

1:01 lengthwise step 6 top the potatoes with

1:05 salt and pepper plus butter sour cream

1:09 paprika chopped chives or other toppings

1:12 of your choice and serve them

1:14 immediately this is how to bake potatoes