How to Attach Purse Magnets

the female handbag. image by Alexander Lukyanov from

Magnetic purse fasteners are a quick way to latch a purse. They are small, but have strong holding power. Magnet closures are helpful for people with arthritic fingers because there is no need to fumble to unclasp a hard-to-turn hook. They can also be used for diaper bags, making it easy to get what you need in the bag when only one hand is free. Nearly every homemade purse can have a magnet attached in place of a latch.

Mark the spot where the magnet will be attached to the purse. Lay the washer on the fabric and mark the slits with a fabric marker.

Iron a piece of interfacing to the back of the fabric. Iron-on interfacing stiffens the fabric and creates a solid area for the magnet to be attached. A small circle about 2 inches across is all that is needed to reinforce the material.

Use the buttonhole feature on your sewing machine to make buttonholes large enough to push the magnet prongs through. Use a seam ripper to open the buttonholes.

Push the prongs through the buttonholes and place the washer over the prongs. Flatten the prongs to secure the pieces.

Repeat these steps to attach the second magnet.