How to Apply a Permanent Tattoo


0:00 okay we're about to start the outline

0:02 here if you would scoot right over to me

0:05 yeah there you go

0:07 some people use armrests sometimes I do

0:10 for this particular spot I'm just going

0:13 to have to rest his arm on my knee

0:14 remember put a very light coat of your a

0:17 and D or Vaseline whatever you're going

0:18 to be using to keep it skin lubricated

0:23 there pull some ink up into your cap and

0:45 Loic machine moving don't stop with your

0:49 gimme that skin you should know ahead of

0:54 time when you're doing an outline where

0:56 you're going to start and where you plan

0:57 to stop just work in between so you find

1:03 a place that you're going to start your

1:04 line start it and you know where you're

1:09 going to end it when you start it bring

1:10 it to that point and go to you next

1:16 and you can do successive lines without

1:18 one bathroom cap so if you fill that

1:22 reservoir on your q-tip up you can make

1:26 several

1:29 before you have to go back to you well

1:32 lucky header

1:48 this area is the arm is a little more

1:51 tender than lower down on your arm

1:53 because as I call this kind of off the

1:55 beaten path and get a whole lot of

1:58 day-to-day action on this part of your

2:00 arm kind of protected from bumping into

2:03 things so it's a little more tender

2:07 then you lower also a pretty hard spot

2:10 to tattoo on it I'm getting a hurry

2:13 that's when you start making mistake

2:17 we've got a time crunch or anything like

2:22 that

2:24 for that

2:31 doing outline

2:35 one one time

2:40 and get that final wife if you have a

2:43 nice clean outline of the whole

3:16 through an area like this

3:20 go in and just get a nice kitchen design

3:22 mark that doesn't have to

3:24 perfect outline at this point get it

3:27 mark so you don't lose your central get

3:32 it rough in a little bit

3:34 violin

3:36 with the desired thickness

3:40 if you want