How to Advertise a Rave Party

How to Advertise a Rave Party. In order to get people to come to your rave, you'll have to promote your party to the right people. You'll have to advertise your rave as much as you can afford.

Create Advertisements for Your Rave Party

Hire an artist or designer to put together your flyers and advertisements. Over the years, raves have become known for the creative artwork that is used on posters and flyers, so make sure you create something that is trendy and on the forefront of design.

Decide what formats you want to use to advertise your party. Posters, flyers, magazine ads and websites all work to promote your rave. To turn a profit, you want to aim to get as much coverage as possible while spending the least amount of money.

Have your posters and flyers professionally printed for the best quality. Glossy coating on a decent thickness of cardstock makes a great impression. You can save money by using four-color printing on the front with only black ink on the back.

Build a website specifically for your party. Have people sign up for a mailing list on the site, so you can promote other parties as well. Be sure to include the web address on all the flyers and poster.

Advertise Your Party

Hire promoters to spread the word about your party. Each promoter will distribute flyers and create a guest list. The promoter gets paid by how many guests show up with her flyer or from her guest list.

Take out display ads in local club magazines. Make sure your ad is eye catching so you draw attention from among all the other party advertisements.

Send press releases to print and web event calendars. You should send event notices at least a month before the date of the party, so you can get the word out.

Ask local record stores to advertise your event as a partner. They will advertise your rave in their store and with their mailing list in exchange for retail space at your party or free tickets.

Ask the DJs to promote the rave during their local club nights. Make sure they have plenty of flyers to hand out. Hopefully, that will bring their usual crowd to your one off event.