How Do I Stretch PVC?

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Faux-leather clothing and accessories are often made from PVC. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is widely produced due to its affordability. As time goes on, you may find that your favorite jacket or boots don't fit to your shape as well as they used to. PVC doesn't stretch with force like its leather counterparts, but it does respond to heat. Stretch out your favorite PVC piece for a comfortable fit that will see you through the changing seasons.

Place the PVC item flat on a heat-resistant counter or surface.

Turn a hair-dryer onto high heat and hover it 1 inch above the item. Move it repeatedly in a circular motion from top to bottom to heat the entire surface. Continue for 3 minutes and flip the item over. Repeat on the other side. The towel will prevent the first side from losing heat as you work.

Pull the item of clothing on over a thick layer of clothing. Wear a wool sweater if you are stretching a jacket, or opt for two pairs of wool socks for stretching shoes. This allows the PVC to form to a larger shape as it dries.

Wear the PVC item for 30 minutes and remove it. Ensure that the fabric is completely cool before taking it off. Repeat the process with an added layer of clothing if it has not stretched to the desired shape.